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QUETTA: Balochistan Awami Party’s Founder Senator Saeed Ahmed Hashmi has condemned PTI leader Shahbaz Gill’s statement against state institutions and said that weakening of institutions that are responsible for the security of geographical and ideological borders can cause irreparable damage to the state.

In a statement issued here on Thursday, Senator Saeed Hashmi said that blatant false propaganda against martyrs of the helicopter crash is disgusting and needed to be stopped as soon as possible.
He said that during its 4-year rule PTI leadership’s apolitical thinking, power-hungry, and anti-state behavior has accomplished those tasks of internal and external enemies of Pakistan which they were thriving to achieve for the past 75 years.

PTI became part of 5th generation war against Pakistan

He said that instead of fulfilling the pledge of making the State of Madina, the PTI has become a part of fifth generation war against Pakistan through their social media trolls, they are dividing the nation with propaganda based on lies and lies, and the PTI has however succeeded in their nefarious aim of maligning the patriotic thinking of the majority of the youth that love and respect the state institutions, he added.

Senior politician termed acts of PTI as a dangerous attempt to paralyze future youth leadership and weaken the country both internally and externally. Saeed Hashmi further said that in order to eradicate such heinous and negative thinking and for the security and survival of Pakistan, all the political leadership, civil society and intellectual class will have to overcome all their differences and promote unanimous and positive thinking.

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