Floods destroy dates crops worth Rs.2bs: Commissioner Mekran
Standing crops destroyed because of floods in Panjgur Balochistan: Photo provided by Ghulam Ali Baloch, a senior bureaucrat

Behram Balooch, Syed Ali Shah, News Desk:

Floods and torrential rains have destroyed dates crops worth around Rs.2 billion in Balochistan’s Mekran Division. “Huge financial losses to farmers”, Shabir Ahmed Mengal, the Commissioner Mekran Division said. 

Heavy rainfall has wreaked havoc in various parts of Balochistan and claimed 149 human lives including 46 children. Flash floods unleashed by torrential rains destroyed standing crops of grapes, dates, tomatoes, potatoes, and other food and vegetables on over 2,00,000 acres of land in Balochistan.

Dates spoiled in Panjgur.
1. Moonzawati, the most popular date of Panjgur.
2. Rabyee, a delicate but delicious date of Panjgur.
3. Jansohr. A popular and delicious early variety.
4. Sabzo, a very delicious and expensive variety of Panjgur. It dried as Chohara also.
Zard. Early varieties. A number of yellow color dates of various sizes and tastes.

Dates destroyed in Panjgur floods

“Almost all types of dates damaged”, Niazullah, a dates farmer from Balochistan’s Awaran district lamented. He said so far the government has not conducted a proper survey to assess the damages.

The Balochistan government has ordered all concerned deputy commissioners of the flood-affected districts to conduct the survey and submit a detailed report about the damages. “We are conducting a survey to assess the dates damages”, Shabir Mengal said.


No compensation package announced

So far, neither the provincial nor the federal governments have announced any compensation package for the floods that affected farmers and growers across Balochistan. “Government should announce a package for us”, Niazullah demanded.

Muhammad Jan, a well-known dates dealer and farmer said floods have caused huge financial losses in Panjgur. He said despite repeated requests, the provincial government has not taken any step to support the flood-affected farmers.

“We demand compensation for flood-affected dates farmers”, Muhammad Jan said.

Dates of Panjgur, Turbat, and Awaran are famous for their tastes. Without the support of the government, the farmers have promoted date crops to compete on national and international levels.

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