PMC registers all 600 medical students of Balochistan

No restriction on Pakistani Doctors to learn in the USA: PMC

There is no restriction on Pakistani doctors to work and train in the United States of America, the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) notified through a tweet. Three days ago false news and rumors were spread on Social Media by certain elements regarding the restrictions on the training of Pakistani doctors in the USA.

Pakistani doctors would not be able to practice medicine and surgery in the USA by 2024, the false news on social media mentioned.

However, PMC took on to twitter and denied the false claim by social media sites.


PMC tweet regarding USA training

The false news raised many questions about the policies of PMC regarding MBBS and BDS students in Pakistan. Many Pakistani medical students were found to be in a state of chaos as the false news spread on Social Media sites.

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Every year a number of Pakistani medical students clear USMLE test and go to USA for higher studies in the field of medical. However, after increasing concerns of students regarding medical training in foreign the Pakistan Medical Commission took onto twitter and gave a clear notification regarding the issue.

No restriction on Pakistani Doctors to learn in the USA: PMC


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