Balochistan rains: death toll rises to 99 including 32 children
File Photo: Floods in interior Balochistan killed 13 people recently: File photo

The Socio-Economic Impacts of 2022 Floods in Balochistan

Syed Safdar Ahmed:

Flood is one of the most divesting natural hazards throughout the globe. According to CRED-Data Base, from the 19th century till the present day thousands of people have lost their life due to flood disasters. Further, 4.5 million people were displaced, injured, and homeless.

Pakistan Vulnerable to Natural Disasters:

Pakistan is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters including floods. The 2010-11 floods adversely affected the economy of Pakistan. The geographical location of Balochistan is prone to many natural disasters, like drought floods, and earthquakes. The recent monsoon spells have adversely affected the rural communities of the province. The socio-economic development of the rural areas of Balochistan mainly belongs to the agriculture sector. The agriculture sector is depending on the availability of the required amount of water.

Balochistan losts huge amount of water due to no dams:

Unfortunately, in the recent monsoon season, we have lost a huge amount of water due to the lack of proper reservoir and dam systems in the province. Dam and reservoirs can minimize the initial pressure of flood on one side whereas; on the other hand, such storage of water can recharge the depleted groundwater table in those particular areas.
Due to a lack of proper management and planning, we always face catastrophic events in terms of floods drought, etc. the relevant stockholders like PDMA, Agriculture Department, and Irrigation Department need to revisit their policies in terms of water storage to minimize the adverse impact of flood and drought in the province.

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The consequences of floods, both negative and positive, vary greatly depending on their location, duration, the extent of flooding, depth, and speed, as well as the vulnerability and value of the affected natural and constructed environments. Floods impact both individuals and communities and have social, economic, and environmental consequences.

The environmental benefits of flooding can also help the economy through things such as increased fish production, recharge of groundwater resources, and maintenance of recreational environments.

We need to take action with a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach. If we invest $10 in the pre-phase of a disaster so we can save $100 in the post-phase of a disaster.

The Socio-Economic Impacts of 2022 Floods in Balochistan

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