A child standing on a damaged wall of a school in interior Balochistan: Photo provided by UNICEF

Syed Muhammad Qaseem:

Torrential rains have affected the education of 78910 students across Balochistan during the last two weeks. Flash floods unleashed by heavy rainfall played havoc across all 32 districts of the province. Floods have damaged many school buildings in the province depriving students of education.

Abdul Rauf Baloch, Secretary of Secondary Education Balochistan said the number of schools affected by the torrential rains is 574. The condition of these schools is worse and educational activities are paralyzed, he mentioned.

According to a survey conducted by all district education officers a total of 1121 rooms, 264 washrooms, 188 boundary walls, 24 examination halls, and 20 Offices were damaged by heavy rainfall and floods.

” We are trying to ensure all facilities to the affected schools”, Mr. Baloch said.

Floods rains affect the education of 78910 students across Balochistan


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In Balochistan, over1.1 a million students are enrolled in all 15000 primary, middle and high schools. However, the number of out-of-school children is over 1 Million. The government run schools paint a very bleak picture due to its limited number of facilities and poor quality of education.

Already the COVID-19 has played a negative role in the education of many far-flung areas of Balochistan and including Quetta. Now due to these torrential rains the walls, rooms and buildings of schools are severley affected and the supply of electricity is unavailable. Due to these conditions the studies of many students are paralyzed.

The 574 schools are affected by the flash floods and the enrollment of students in these schools is 78910. ” Our first priority is the construction of these schools”, Secretary Secondary Education Abdul Rauf Baloch said.

Rooms and offices affected by the torrential rains

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Torrential rains claim 75 lives across Balochistan

In the past years, flooding has caused havoc in Balochistan. The reasons behind it is a lack of a proper disaster management mechanism. Torrential rains have already claimed 75 lives in Quetta and other parts of Balochistan. Most of the victims were women, children and aged men.

The rains have damaged many building and have swept away roads, bridges and dams across the province. Chief Secretary Balochitan, Abdul Aziz Uqaili has directed the concerned departments to assess the damages and investigate the breaching of dams throughout Balochistan.

The floods have affected 32 districts of Balochistan. Balochistan government has already declared an emergency in the province. Nine districts are declared calamity-hit areas after the flash floods.

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