Gwadar International Airport: test flights to commence in December
File photo of Gwadar port

Behram Baloch:

The test flights from the Gwadar International Airport would commence in December this year as the construction work on the site has been expedited. “All is set to commence test flights at the end of this year”, an official of the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) told Quetta Voice.

Before the completion deadline, which was set for September 2023, the new Gwadar airport has been constructed on 4,300 acres and would be operational in December 2022, the official revealed.

The establishment of the new Gwadar international airport would open new vistas of development and prosperity in the region. Gwadar airport would provide job opportunities to the local people of the port city and boost economic activities.

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Gwadar airport to open new vistas of development and prosperity in the region

Gwadar airport is considered to be one of the most modern and major airports in the region, which will provide all facilities for domestic and international flights and passengers.

Apart from this, the 50-bed hospital has also been expanded to 150-bed in order to provide better health facilities to the masses of the port city and surrounding areas. The hospital has been constructed by the Pak China Friendship.

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The Friendship hospital would play a key role in addressing the health issues of the masses of the area. The establishment of such a state-of-the-art hospital was a long-standing of the masses of the Gwadar for a long time. The federal government with the support of the ChineseĀ  government met this long standing demand to address health problems once and for all.

The government provided Rs. 3.3 billion for town planning of Gwadar

Besides this, the GDA has also launched the implementation of various projects for the development of Gwadar city. The federal government has provided Rs.3.3 billion for town planning and development of Gwadar. This would turn the once backward town into one of the modern cities in the country.

The federal government would be funded with 67% shares of the total cost while the Balochistan government would bear the remaining cost for the development of old town rehabilitation under the Gwadar development plan. Under the plan, water drainage, supply, and distribution of utility projects would be completed soon, besides ensuring the supply of clean drinking water to the port dwellers.

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