LBs results Balochistan: independents won thumping majority

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Independents’ overwhelming majority in the recently held local bodies elections in Balochistan put a question mark over the performance of political parties. In a major shift, so far, independents have won 1882 seats of councilors across Balochistan.

Around a dozen political parties have won less than, the independents’ seats as per the unofficial and unconfirmed results of over 3,000 seats. Over 17,000 candidates were contesting for 4,556 councilors’ seats in 32 districts of Balochistan.

Independents’ victory gives more questions than answers. Despite being in politics for decades, why have the political parties failed to reach out to the masses at the grassroots level? LBs polls portray a true political picture of Balochistan since no serious allegations of elections fraud were reported and no major untoward incident took a place. In the past, elections in Balochistan were always marred by major terror attacks against candidates and voters.

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Almost all political parties accepted the results and declared victories in their respective strongholds. When we speak about independents, it means we speak about individuals and personalities. When individuals and personalities penetrate among the masses and address their issues, then, the majority of the people set aside political ideologies. This is a bitter reality in today’s politics. Some may not agree with this.

Look at the victory of Maulana Hidayat ur Rehman’s Gwadar Right Movement, which swept elections in Gwadar confronting the four-parties alliance including the Balochistan National Party (Mengal), National Party (NP), Jamiat ul Ulema e Islam (JUI) and Pakistan National Party (PNP).

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Indeed, no dearth of political workers who ignore perks and privileges and toe their respective political parties’ ideological lines. Although, recent poll results show, that the number of such political workers was less.

The political parties have to revisit and review their strategy in this regard.

Above all, the elections were peaceful except few violent acts among rival political groups in Chaghi, Noshki, Dera Murad Jamal, and Chaman. By and large, the government and masses succeeded in holding peaceful elections.

Continuity of the system will improve the system further. Now it is about time to grant all constitutional, administrative and financial powers to the local governments so that they could serve the country and nation in a better way.

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