100 primary health centers upgraded in Balochistan: Farah Azeem Shah
Spokesman government of Balochistan, Farah Azeem Shah addressing a press conference on Tuesday: Photo Ashraf Khan

Syed Ali Shah, Ali Khan Mandokhail, Abdul Rehman Musakhail:

QUETTA: The spokesperson for the government of Balochistan, Farah Azeem Shah expressed the hope that the Sherani forest fire would be put out soon as all departments were making hectic efforts. Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, she said the provincial disaster management authority, Pak Army, Frontier Corps, civil administration, and other concerned authorities were making coordinated efforts to put out the fire.

She revealed that fire lines — obstacles to stop the spread of fire — and barriers have been deployed as well. “We are also thankful to the Islamic Republic of Iran for providing us a firefighting aircraft on an emergency basis,” she further revealed.

Iranian government provides firefighting aircraft

Shah added that it took the authorities time to respond to the emergency because of the lack of resources and then went on to thank Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif for his support and immediate action in this regard.

It has been now 11 days since roaring flames of fire continued to burn ancient pine trees and olive trees in the Sherani forest located in the Koh e Suleman Range. The fire entered Balochistan from the Mughal Kot area of Khyber Pukthoonkhwa on May 13.

The fire has now turned into a raging inferno forcing the indigenous people of the area to migrate to safer places. Three tribesmen have already lost their lives while battling the flames of fire as a tree, which a caught a fire fell on them the other day.

“The fire is beyond our control,” Commissioner Zhob said

“This fire is beyond the capacity of forest guards and levies personnel”, Bashir Ahmed Bazai, the Commissioner Zhob Division told Quetta Voice via telephone.

Responding to questions about the Sherani forest fire, Farah Azeem Shah, the Spokesperson stated that a task force was established to improve coordination and make focused efforts to put out the fire in Koh e Suleman Range. “I am confident, the fire would be extinguished soon”, she said.

“An emergency has been declared in Zhob and a control room has been established in the forest and wildlife departments,” she stated. “Apart from that, three ambulances, two army helicopters, one fire truck, one van, one satellite vehicle and 15 workers have been dispatched there.


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