Indigenous press of Balochistan always on oxygen
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Editorial : 

Indigenous press in Balochistan has always been on oxygen because of the financial crisis. Over the years, the local press has not progressed because of capacity problems and financial issues. Since the province has no industry and factory, therefore, all media outlets are dependent on the provincial government’s advertisements.

The Press Information Department (PID) advertisements for the indigenous press of Balochistan are almost nominal.

All eyes of newspapers’ owners are focused on the Director General Public Relations (DGPR) office for the payment of salaries of reporters and other support staff. Delayed or no payments have severely affected the operations of the newspapers being published in Balochistan.

National media has also ignored real issues from politics to governance and health to education in their publications. Mainstream media has always portrayed a distorted image of Balochistan when it comes to news bulletins and the publication of newspapers. Although, they also get advertisements from the Balochistan government.

It has almost become common practice that the indigenous press starts knocking doors of the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary Balochistan, and other concerned quarters for the release of funds after every quarter. When a specific budget is allocated for government advertisements and information ministry, then, begging for funds is beyond comprehension.

Newspapers from Balochistan are deprived of advertisements in sisters provinces. Particularly, when it comes to the federal government regarding jobs, the concerned quarters are bound to publish vacancies advertisements in newspapers of Balochistan. So that, the youth of Balochistan could fully participate in tests and interviews.

The newspaper owners also need to improve their content and highlight issues relating to Balochistan to mount pressure on the government to make people-friendly policies.

There has to be a strong mechanism in the distribution of advertisements by DGPR and newspapers that highlight issues of the province that should be encouraged and financially supported.


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