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Prime Minister Imran Khan has accepted the Supreme Court’s judgment about the deputy speaker national assembly’s ruling and dissolution of parliament.

“I am saddened by the verdict, but I accept it,” the premier said.

He said the deputy speaker prorogued the assembly and set aside the no-confidence motion in light of Article 5 of the Constitution. “There was foreign interference in Pakistan’s no-confidence. I wanted the SC to at least look at it, it was a very serious allegation that a foreign country wants to topple the government through a conspiracy.”

The premier said he was at least expecting a probe by the SC.

“The SC could have at least asked for and looked at the document to gauge whether we’re speaking the truth. I was a bit disappointed because this is a very big issue and there was no discussion on it in the SC.”

PM Imran said he was also saddened at the haste with which the court made its decision.

He said open horse-trading and “buying and selling of consciences of lawmakers” were going on in the country. “Every child knows the price at which consciences are being sold.”

“What kind of democracy is this? Which democracy in the world allows this? And the biggest forum for justice, the judiciary, we expected it to take suo motu action if nothing else.”

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