File Photo: Residents of Dera Bugti are protesting against scarcity of water: Photo provided by the author

Farooq Bugti :

No life without water. People of Pakistan’s resource-rich district Dera Bugti are deprived of basic facilities. Dera Bugti and its urban areas like Sui, Sangsela, Pirkoh and Zain loti, etc are deprived of basic facilities like water and electricity. In this scorching heat, the Dera Bugti and its urban areas has no water and electricity. The Cattels are dying due to the lack of water. People are forced to migrate from the region due to the absence of water and electricity.

No basic facilities in Dera Bugti

Sadly, the Dera Bugti Sui which is supplying gas to the whole of Pakistan but lacks basic facilities like water and electricity. There is no water and electricity the life of human beings and animals become difficult. In this scorching heat, the scarcity of water and non-availability of electricity, life has become difficult. By the way, all the leaders talk about the injustices in Balochistan but as they gain the ministry they forget about Balochistan. This means that their Ministry is more important than the lives of people.

Humans and animals are taking water from the same place in Dera Bugti: Photo provided by the author

Elected representatives avail perks and privileges and ignore masses issues

The people of Balochistan are not important as personal perks and privileges are important to them. Today the people of Dera Bugti Balochistan are prone to so many diseases because of filthy water and their animals are dying due to the scarcity of water. None of the leaders speak about the water and electricity of Dera Bugti Balochistan.

Are the people of Balochistan not Pakistanis? Haven’t they given sacrifices for Pakistan? In my view, the Baloch people and the people of Dera Bugti have rendered great sacrifices for Pakistan. Then why such injustices with Dera Bugti Balochistan.

No clean drinking water in Dera Bugti

Why no clean drinking water and electricity in the Dera Bugti and its urban areas. Why the Dera Bugti is ignored? Dera Bugti is the land of martyrs, the land of beauty, and the land of patriotic people. For God’s sake, save our lives and save our animal’s lives. We are helpless. Ensure supply us water and electricity. Moreover Ramadan is approaching fast. To ensure the supply of water and electricity. Our MNA and MPA are doing nothing about us. Have mercy on us, have mercy on our condition, have mercy on our lives. Supply us water and electricity. We have a sympathetic appeal to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Senator Sarfraz Bugti, and the FC Balochistan to save our lives and the lives of our animals. Must ensure the supply of water and electricity. (thanks)

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