Harnai: 48 hours on, operation still underway to rescue 3 trapped miners
DC Harnai, Sardar Rafique Tareen reviewing rescue operation for the recovery of three trapped coal miners: Photo provided by the author

Hanif Tareen, Syed Ali Shah:

After 48 hours, the rescue operation was still underway to rescue three trapped coal miners in Balochistan’s Harnai district on Wednesday. “Rescue operation going on now in the night”, Sardar Rafique Tareen, the Deputy Commissioner Harnai told Quetta Voice. Coal miners are trapped more than 1300 feet deep inside the mine, Mr. Tareen informed.

At least six coal miners were trapped inside a coal mine after a methane gas blast on Tuesday morning in the Zarghoon Ghar area of the Harnai district. The rescue workers succeeded in recovering three coal miners. However, three coal miners are still trapped inside the mine after 48 hours, the DC Harnai said.

Rescue operation underway in the night

Rescue teams from the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) and Mines and Minerals Department have launched a combined rescue operation to rescue the trapped coal miners. Rescue workers from Quetta, the provincial capital had reached Harnai Zarghoon Ghar 10 hours after the occurrence of the incident.

“Possibly, the trapped coal miners would be rescued by Thursday morning”, Sardar Rafique Tareen expressed the hope. PDMA and Mines Department’s team are busy in the rescue operation in the night even, he added.

Poor working conditions inside coal mines of Balochistan have claimed scores of precious human lives. Most of the incidents have taken a place in Dukki, Harnai, Sorange, Degari, Mach and other coal reservoirs-rich areas of Balochistan. The hapless coal miners were trapped inside the mine till the filling of the report.

Human rights groups have expressed concern over increasing incidents

Human rights groups have also expressed serious concern over increasing incidents inside coal mines of Balochistan. “Contractors and mines owners should be held accountable”, Habib Tahir Advocate, the Balochistan Chief of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) said. He stated that the provincial government has failed to protect the lives of hapless coal miners.

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