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QUETTA: The inquiry committee report has revealed that some elements within the Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BBISE) were found involved in the selling of complete examination halls and papers. The 30 pages comprehensive report revealed that some influential and blue-eyed students were given papers by specific examination halls staff to solve papers at their homes.

“A student in General Musa Post Graduate College took away paper with him and returned with a solved paper the other day”, the report pointed out. The examination staff canceled the paper. However, the elements within the BBISE gave 32 out of 50 marks to the same student, the report mentioned. Grease the palm of the examination staff and BBISE officers, then get more than 1,000 numbers to get medical and engineering seats.

Grease the palm of officers and get the number of your choice

This was only one example, there were scores of such examples where influential and blue-eyed students would do the same practice. This practice was going for last more than a decade. However, Bashir Ahmed Bangulzai, the Secretary Higher Educaion took notice of such irregularities and formed a committee to probe into the violation of mert in the BBISE. An inquiry committee comprises the additional secretary higher education, an officer of the services and general administration department, director training information technology and an officer of the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD).

Instead of encouraging the Secretary, the present provincial government transferred Mr. Bangulzai and replaced him with a yes man to keep continue the filthy business inside the board. However, the Balochistan High Court (BHC) ordered re posting of Mr. Bangulzai till completion of the inquiry on a petition filed by some senior lawyers.

Board turned into an illegal money-making institution

According to the report, a visit to the former chairman’s office and limited access to the board’s records revealed that the board had turned into an illegal money-making institution. Candidates were seated in the examination centers of their choice. Response leaflets were sold through Secrecy Branch for huge amount of money.
The report added that various departments of the board, including the IT section, were used to manipulate results and facilitate preferred candidates, while re-checking of answer sheets was turned into a business by the former chairman’s office.
The report states that lack of supervision and transparency in the process of preparation and distribution of question papers, deployment of supervisory staff, modalities of change of examination centers, coding decoding, checking of papers, preparation of results and recounting process, rules and regulations. There is strong evidence of breach of rules and manipulation.

The report cites irregularities in the checking of papers

The report cites irregularities in the checking of papers, re-checking at the request of the candidates and recounting, adding that as a result of re-checking of one paper of FSC examination in 2021, the total marks of students have been increased from 621. 819 and its number in the chemistry paper alone was increased from 28 to 76.
As a result of re-checking, the total marks of another candidate were increased from 874 to 1027.
The report raises the question as to why regular students studying in the most prestigious and expensive schools and colleges of Quetta city have to pay extra amounts and travel to interior Balochistan to take papers.

Candidiates shifted centers from Quetta to Dera Murad Jamali, Jhal Magsi etc

In most of the cases, the candidates shifted the examination centers from Quetta to Dera Murad Jamali, Bhaag, Jhal Magsi, Oosta Mohammad, Mekhtar, Barshur and other areas or remote areas where the Board’s surprise visiting teams or center inspectors Access is not easy or these candidates already knew about the supervisory staff stationed at the examination center so that they can get an unfair advantage in the examinations.

The committee has also recommended a legal action against the elements involved in manipulation and depriving shining and committed students from their rights.

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