Dead body of Almas Khan retrieved after 15-hours in Killa Saifullah
File Photo of minor boy Almas Khan: Photo taken from social media

Nafi Kakar :

The dead body of an eight-year-old boy Almas Khan was retrieved from the well after 15 hours in Balochistan’s Killa Saifullah district. The innocent boy had fallen into a well on Thursday morning in a village of Killa Saifullah district.

“This is doomsday for me and my family”, Abdul Hadi, the broken father of Almas Khan burst into tears. A large number of the people from neighboring villages reached the well to make sure unhurt recovery of the minor boy. However, they failed to do so.

Rescue workers from the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) reached after 10 hours of the incident. “PDMA team reached very late”, Niamatullah,  a relative of the minor boy said. He lamented that despite repeated appeals, the officials were least bothered about the life of the minor boy.

The rescue operation was on air on social media

The rescue operation was on air on social media networks for the whole day. Thousands of people shared the tragic incident and made an appeal to the concerned authorities to ensure the unhurt recovery of the minor boy.

“Our lives have no value before rulers”, Abdul Hadi, the father of the minor boy cried. Hadi is also disabled and cannot walk rather moves on a wheel-chair.

The minor boy was almost 200 feet deep inside the well. For untrained common people, it was very difficult to get the boy out. “Had the PDMA come on time, the boy would have been rescued”, Niamatullah said. He strongly criticized the provincial government for what he called its negligence regarding the traffic incident.

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