Driver's daughter tops PSC as an Assistant Commissioner in Balochistan
File Photo of Maria Shimon: Photo grabbed from a tv screen

Syed Ali Shah :

Despite all odds, Maria Shimon, daughter of a driver has topped the Balochistan Public Service Commission (BPSC) as an Assistant Commissioner. In a strictly-veiled society and poverty, Maria studied and succeeded in getting her first position as an AC in Balochistan in the recently held BPSC examination.

“My parents ensured my education despite worst poverty”, Maria told Quetta Voice as her voice cracked. She said the poverty-hit parents ensured the education of all eight sons and daughters. Maria belongs to Quetta’s Christian community, which lives in the city’s marginalized and poor neighborhoods.

“Proud of my parents and teachers who stood by me in difficult times”, Maria said. It was rare that a girl from Quetta’s Chrisitan community has managed to secure AC’s seat. Most of the community’s members are poor and have no political and social authority.

“Instead of a luxury home, our parents preferred to educate us”, Maria says

“Our parents preferred to educate us rather than building a luxury house or buying clothes”, Maria mentioned. She said, “my parents always ask us to study and study”. Maria’s seven brothers and sisters have secured better positions in various examinations in schools and colleges. The news of Maria was widely shared on social media. People across the country praised her for her struggle to victory.

Every year, thousands of youth appear in competitive examinations under the BPSC. However, the Commission lost its credibility when former chairman Ashraf Magsi was arrested by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and convicted by the court in terms of irregularities in appointments of officers. Although, the officers recommended by Magsi are still on their posts, and no question about their credibility and merit.

Justice (R) K.N Kohli restored the credibility of the commission

However, K.N. Kohli, the former justice of Balochistan High Court (BHC) restored the credibility of the BPSC as a chairman. During his tenure, thousands of officers, lecturers, doctors, teachers were appointed. Nevertheless, there was no hue and cry about the transparency in the recommendations process. Currently, Abdul Salik Khan has also maintained the credibility of the Commission as chairman.

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