HAPPY NEW YEAR IN PAKISTAN 2022 Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad

HAPPY NEW YEAR IN PAKISTAN 2022 Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad
By Syed Muhammad Yaseen: 

Every time when the hour hand of the clock nears 12 on 31 December, people from one pole to the other celebrate Happy New Year’s eve accordingly. As the world is home to different cultures and tribes, the same is the case with their way of Happy New Year celebration. The New Year’s celebration has now turned from a celebration to a tradition globally.

Happy New Year in Pakistan

Like other nations Pakistanis also celebrate New Year’s eve with full joy and happiness. Almost all the cities, especially the Federal capital, Islamabad, and provincial capitals like Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, and Quetta say welcome to the upcoming new year.

Happy New Year in Lahore:

Lahore, the city of happiest people, gets out of their houses on the eve of the new year. Many youngsters of the city spend sleepless nights in the streets, roads. Parks get loaded with the happiest people of Lahore and many of them get astonished by the mind captivating lightning on all the important government buildings. Not only this but every mega restaurant, mall, and shop offers sales on their products in the welcoming the new year. Couples enjoy the romantic Punjabi songs in the dining halls of luxurious hotels.

Karachi Sea View on the Eve of New Year:

Karachi’s sea view is the best place known for mega cultural and traditional events. Sindhis are well known for their rich culture and religiously follow the Sindhi customs. Every year when the clock nears 12 people of Karachi turn out to sea view and enjoy the traditional Sindhi folk music. Light works and the cold breeze of the sea double their happiness. The already loaded roads of the city get overloaded with cars and people as everyone rushes towards the mega shopping malls, hotels, and cafes for buying things on sale.

New Year in Islamabad:

Islamabad, the federal capital of Pakistan cannot be ignored on New Year’s eve. President House, National Assembly, Upper House, and other VIP buildings of the capital are illuminated. People say goodbye to the going year, leaving hundreds of memories, and say welcome to the coming year, bringing new hopes and lots of joy.

Apart from all these friends, and family members sent Happy New Year greetings to each other. The most often used by people is a ‘SORRY’ one which is sent for the forgiveness of any bad deed done with the other person in the previous year. Many people send text messages of new hopes, success, and joy as the new year is considered to be the beginning of a new chapter in life.

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