Zhob, Sherani people put heads together to stop deforestation
Ali Khan Mandokhail: 

People belonging to various walks of life have put their heads together to bring an end to deforestation in Zhob and Sherani districts. Ashar, a newly launched movement against deforestation had organised the event, which thoroughly discussed all ways and means to stop deforestation in the area.
Qutab Khan Afaqi presided over the gathering.
Stage secretary was Juma Khan Babar. Agenda was; i, identification of sites for the installation of awareness and warning boards by Environment Dept Balochistan against deforestation, for reforestation & wildlife conservation; ii, to assist & help Forest Dept in the TBTTP by educating community about the scope of the new project of mini forests. Hussain Alam Hussain’s Machine repairing shop was declared our recieving-reception of applications for the mini forests project. Moreover, people of different villages and urbanised societies identified sites for installation of sign-boards. People reposed their trust on Ashar Movement & extended their support.

Community had different complaints against some of the relevant authorities, however, people endorsed role of Forest dept Balochistan that serves the masses in a very limited resources. Additionally, the meeting endorsed & thanked Environment Dept Balochistan, especially Sec. Environment Saboor Kakar, Additional Sec. Jahangir Kakar and AD Zhob Khaliq Dad Mandokhail.

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