Mangrove Plantation on 100 Hectare in Coastal Areas of Balochistan
A local community member engaged in seeds collection in Gwadar: Photo provided by Zulfiqar Durrani, the Chief of United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Balochistan

Mangrove Plantation on 100 Hectare in Coastal Areas of Balochistan

Behram Baloch : 

GWADAR: Mangrove plantation & restoration helps stabilize the coastline and prevent erosion from waves and storms that will create a resilience model for replication on the entire coast. Mangroves are also important as they prevent erosion and protect the land.

UNDP’s under the strengthening earthquake and tsunami preparedness in Coastal Areas of Pakistan project together Government of Balochistan contributed to Prime Minister’s National Program of Ten Billion Tree Tsunami in the coastal district of Balochistan through the plantation of 410,000 mangrove seeds on 100 Hectare in Coastal Areas of District Gwada. This has been made possible with the support of the Government of Japan and UNDP partner (Taraqee Foundation (TF)) in collaboration with the Forest and Wildlife Department, Balochistan.

Community members taking care of mangroves in Gwadar: Photo courtesy Zulfiqar Durrani, UNDP Chief Balochistan

The plantation is an effort to support and enhance the Mangrove Ecosystem

The plantation is an effort to support and enhance the Mangrove ecosystem which will help sustain mangrove forests to mitigate disasters like Tsunamis. The activity was planned and implemented in close coordination with provincial and district focal points of the Forest and Wildlife Department and community members.

To complete the 100 hectares plantation, 300,000 seeds/propagules were required, with additional 20% restocking in form of propagules raised in the nursery. Proper coordination and advocacy with Forest and Wildlife Department, resulted in an additional 50,000 seeds contribution which increased the total number of seeds and accumulated progress seeds collection and plantation were achieved up to 410,000.

Community members engaged in seed collection, sowing process

Community members have been engaged for seed collection, sowing process, and the quality control measure, the Forest & Wildlife Department representatives were involved to ensure both health and growth of the plant during the process. The community engagement was not just for their passive role in the intervention but also gave an opportunity of livelihood to the communities.  This was achieved through their involvement in the seed procurement process and the engagement of skilled labor in mangrove seed plantations.

The local community was also engaged in land preparation and plantation of seeds/propagules and also sensitized on the importance of plantation/forestation and protection of natural habitat.

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