Quetta Video Scandal: Court asks police to produce plaintiffs
File photo of accused Hidayat Khilji

Produce all evidence in court against Hidayat Khilji: Balochistan lawyers

Staff Reporter:

QUETTA: Members of the legal fraternity from Balochistan have demanded of the government to produce all evidence against the accused Hidayat Khilji and award him exemplary punishment.

In a joint statement, all lawyers’ bodies including the Balochistan Bar Council (BBC) have strongly condemned the accused for his inhumane and immoral acts and demanded severe punishment for him. “Government should make an example of him”, lawyers organizations demanded.

Quetta police had arrested an accused Hidayat Khilji for raping and filming girls in Quetta’s Nichar road area. Police have also detained his brother Khalil Ahmed for his involvement in the scandal.

“Family members of the victims also physiologically suffered because of these acts”, the lawyers stated. They said Balochistan was and is a tolerant society and people respect each other especially the women segment of the society.

Awarding severe punishment to the culprits is imperative to restore the trust of parents in educational organizations and the overall society of Balochistan, the lawyers concluded.

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