Buledi reveals proposed purchase of Rs.4bs luxury vehicles in Balochistan
File photo of Finance Minister Balochistan, Mir Zahoor Buledi: Photo Quetta Voice

Buledi reveals proposed purchase of Rs.4bs luxury vehicles in Balochistan

Syed Ali Shah : 

QUETTA: Balochistan Minister for Planning and Development, Zahoor Buledi has revealed that the previous government under former Chief Minister, Jam Kamal Khan had decided to purchase luxury vehicles worth Rs. 4 billion for officers in the province. “This province cannot afford the purchase of luxury vehicles worth billions of rupees”, Mr. Buledi told daily Quetta Voice in an exclusive interview on Friday evening.

The Minister lamented that people of the province were deprived of clean drinking water and the previous setup had included the purchase of luxury vehicles in the budget. When asked about the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP), the minister stated that the entire development program would be rationalized.

“We will not remove projects having socio-economic impacts on the province”

“We will not remove projects having socio-economic impacts on the province”, the minister mentioned. He pointed out that Rs. 1.5 billion’s stadiums were being constructed in Harnai, Washuk, Musakhail, and Awaran. “It was beyond imagination”, he added. Now in these districts, schools are shelterless, hospitals have no buildings and people have no clean drinking water supply, he explained. “Simply no justification of such stadiums in these districts”, Mr. Buledi added.

“Construction of futsal grounds was an idea from Japan where there is lack of land, whereas, in Balochistan, there is land everywhere”, he stated. The Minister made it clear that viable projects would be funded and protected across Balochistan, which has far-reaching socio-economic impacts.

Without any discrimination, development projects would be launched

The Minister stated that the provincial government has decided to take up the issue of development of Balochistan would also be taken up with the federal government. Without any discrimination, our government would take up the development of Balochistan. “Irrespective of opposition and government, we would ask the federal government to launch development projects in Balochistan”, Mr. Buledi said.

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