Amjad Rasheed among 30 world environmental leaders 
File Photo of Amjad Rashid: Photo taken from Amjad's FB account

Amjad Rashid among 30 world environmental leaders 

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Well-known environmentalist and social activist, Amjad Rashid has been selected for the Paris conference being held in Glasgow (UK). Amjad is one of the 30 world environment leaders selected for the global conference about the looming threat of climate change. “This is an honor for Pakistan and Balochistan”, Amjad Rashid told Quetta Voice on Tuesday. 

About 120 heads of States will be attending this conference to discuss the serious challenge of climate change and global warming.  There are more than 300 civil society organizations attending this global event. “Today, global warming and climate change pose a serious threat to our planet”, Mr. Rashid mentioned.

Activists invited to the conference in recognition of their services

The conference organizers selected 30 activists from civil society around the globe and in recognition of their services. A picture of Amjad Rashid and other environmental leaders would be displayed at the conference.

Apart from this, on 6th November 2021, there will be a March in Glasgow here the placards of the pictures of these activists will be carried by the marchers. Amjad Rashid of Taraqee Foundation is among these 30 activists and is only from Pakistan. He played a crucial role in the prosperity and development of Pakistan and Balochistan.

Currently, he launched a massive tree plantation campaign in Balochistan to mitigate the growing impacts of climate change and global warming. Balochistan, which covers half of the country in terms of area is prone to natural disasters. 

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