The number game in the Balochistan board
A view of Balochistan Board: Photo grabbed from FB

The number game in the Balochistan board

Editorial :

Grease the palm of officials, you can get good numbers and positions in the Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BBISE). Influence and bribe BBISE officials when it comes to getting attractive numbers in FA, FSc, and Matriculation.

Despite the declining quality of education, ironically, the BBISE declared 99.18 percent of candidates successful in the HSSC examination result 2021. Similarly, the board declared 97.28 percent of candidates successful. Subsequently, this filthy practice deprives competent and poor students of their rights. Students pass sleepless nights to ensure success and get good numbers in examinations. However, influential and rich parents cement good ties with board officials and block their way from getting admissions in the prestigious educational organizations of the country.

Fewer numbers remained an obstacle for competent students

Fewer numbers remained one of the underlying reasons behind the deprivation of students of getting medical and engineering seats in the province and country. Whether such students work hard or not, the fixed criteria for admissions in medical and engineering colleges provide 50 percent leverage to them through FSc examinations.

Quality of education paints a bleak picture when it comes to the success ratio of students in competitive examinations on the national level. For instance, over 7,200 students appeared in the recently conducted Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) MDCAT for medical colleges. Only 1,500 students passed the test.

This is irony of fate that the merit list of medical students in Punjab and other provinces end above 90 percent. Whereas, students obtaining more than 80 percent marks are position holders in the PMC MDCAT in Balochistan. This actually exposes the poor quality of education in Balochistan.

The government does second-highest allocation for education after PSDP

We are not comparing Balochistan with any developed or foreign country rather our own provinces of the country. The government allocates the second-highest amount for the education sector in every budget after the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP). It is not a matter of resources or manpower rather it is an issue of political commitment for improving the quality of education.

Apart from MDCAT tests, students of Balochistan fail to score passing marks in ECAT, LAT, NUST, and other entrance exams for BS programs.

To be very precise, the government in general and the education department, in particular, should launch a probe into the irregularities and marks corruption in the BBISE. In 1997, the then Punjab government under former CM Shehbaz Sharif brought effective reforms to the board. Since then, the Punjab board has demonstrated better as compared to other boards of the country.

Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan should personally supervise and review the performance of BBISE and address the grievances of a large number of students.

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