The BAP deadlock


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The BAP deadlock

Editorial : 

Two weeks on, deadlock still persists within the ruling Balochistan Awami Party (BAP). The situation took a worrying political turn inside the ranks of the BAP when opposition political parties submitted a no-confidence motion against the incumbent Chief Minister, Jam Kamal Khan.

Instead of countering the opposition’s move, serious differences erupted within the ruling party. The situation prompted the Chairman of Senate Sadiq Sanjrani and others to reach Quetta. Sanjrani held a series of talks with CM Jam Kamal and the angry members. However, no breakthrough was made.

Angry or happy members, the deadlock has severely affected the existing fragile rather poor governance in Balochistan. The ministers have not been attending their offices for the last two weeks.

Hundreds of people come to civil secretariat in search of ministers 

Daily hundreds of people from various parts of Balochistan come to the civil secretariat in Quetta to seek the support of the ministers for addressing their grievances. Moreover, most of them go back in frustration.

Since the BAP is not an ideological party, therefore, the incumbent CM who is also the President of the party has not been able to ensure the presence of ministers. In other words, the party president has no control over his lawmakers. The ministers continue to stay away from offices in spite of enjoying all perks and privileges. Although, the BAP leadership had announced making decisions of Balochistan in Quetta and addressing the grievances of masses on a priority basis at the time of the party’s formation.

Real issues of Balochistan are not on the radar of angry, happy members

Policy matters or serious issues including law and order, poverty, unemployment, the plight of government-run schools, hospitals, sanitation are hardly on the radar of angry and happy members. The angry members merely complain about development funds, transfer postings and the behaviour of CM Balochistan.

Angry or happy, Jam or Bizenjo, must feel the pain of people and address their grievances on a priority basis. Punjab, Sindh and KP have made positive strides towards good governance. Balochistan, the country’s largest province in terms of area is yet to make any positive stride. The BAP leaders must exercise political vision and get the province out of prevailing political uncertainty.

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