Students protest against PMC in Quetta
Arrested students at civil line police station Quetta: Photo taken from social media

Students protest against PMC in Quetta

Editorial :

Students protest against the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) entered twelve days in Quetta on Friday. Students from Quetta and other parts of Balochistan have been demanding the cancellation of PMC tests.

Fair or unfair demand, the provincial government has to speak to the protesting students. Continued cold-shoulder to the hue cry of students will not have any positive impact. It is an open secret that students of Balochistan are skeptical about the credibility of the centralized tests conducted by the PMC.

Twice police subjected students to violenceĀ 

During these 12 days protests, police have twice subjected students to violence and arrested them. This is unfair and condemnable. The government of the day should realize the sensitivity of the situation and break its silence to engage the protesters. Yes, don’t allow the anti-State elements to exploit the situation and get their nefarious designs achieved. But it is whose responsibility to approach the protesters and assure redressal of their grievances?

As far as the demand of the protesters is concerned, it is clear that a student from Musakhail and Awaran cannot compete with a student from Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore, or Peshawar. Look at the education standard at our colleges and universities. A province where more than 8,000 schools have no toilet facility. How can its students compete on national and international levels?

Despite all odds, some students proved their talentsĀ 

Although, in some precedents, students from remote areas of Balochistan have proved their talents despite all odds.

Most of the students complain about poor internet facilities, paper out of course, etc. Even if the paper is according to the course. Even then, PMC has to keep the standard and quality of education in Balochistan while making any question paper. The students need to be heard and the government must address their grievances before it is already late.

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