Afghan Taliban close border with Pakistan at Chaman
This aged lady along with this minor boy was waiting at Pak-Afghan border Chaman for opening of the border: Photo provided by the author

Afghan Taliban close border with Pakistan at Chaman

Sardar Muhammad Khondai :

CHAMAN: Afghan Taliban have closed border with Pakistan at Chaman on Friday morning. Thousands of people were stranded on both sides of the border because of the sudden closure of the border. Trade activities also came to standstill after the closure of the border at the Friendship gate at Pak-Afghan border Chaman.

Taliban demanded of Pakistan government to restore the old method of the movement of people at the border between the two countries and allow Afghans to enter Pakistan without any restriction. “Yes, Taliban have closed the border on the Afghan side”, a senior administration official told Quetta Voice. He requested anonymity. Pakistan has tightened security at the border to avoid the occurrence of any untoward incident.

Women and children were also stranded at the borderĀ 

Thousands of people including women and children faced difficulties because of the closure of the border. “The border would remain close for an indefinite period”, a letter issued by the Taliban commander, Haji Wafa said. He has demanded of the Pakistan government to address issues faced by laborers and traders community at the border.

It may be mentioned that the Taliban had taken control of the border with Pakistan at Chaman three weeks back. They had also taken control of all trade activities and administrative issues at the Pak-Afghan border Chaman.

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Thousands cross the border every day

Daily thousands of people cross the Pak-Afghan border Chaman. Jalat Khan, the President of the Chaman Chamber of Commerce said trade has been severely affected as a result of an uncertain situation at the border. Hundreds of trucks loaded with fruits were standing on the Afghan side, Mr. Khan stated. The trucks loaded with fruits were going to various Pakistani cities. The border closure has inflicted huge financial losses to the people, he stated.

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