PakAfghan border reopens after two weeks
File Photo: Afghan women, children leaving for Afghanistan at Pak-Afghan border Chaman on Tuesday: Photo Syed Sardar Muhammad Khondai

Pakistan opens Chaman border for stranded Afghans

Sardar Muhammad Khondai : 

Pakistan has opened the Pak-Afghan border Chaman to allow stranded pedestrians to enter their country. The border would remain open till 6 pm only for pedestrians, a security official told Quetta Voice. He requested anonymity.

A large number of Afghan women, children, aged people and patients were waiting for the opening of the border. “The government has opened the border on humanitarian grounds”, the security official stated.

The video obtained by this portal shows on Saturday, men, and women running towards the crossing point after permission of forces.

Pakistan closes border after Taliban take over of bordering areas 

Pakistan had closed its border with Afghanistan at the Friendship gate after the Taliban take over the border and strategically important district i.e. Spin Boldak the other day. The group maintains control of Spin Boldak despite Afghan forces’ attempts of regaining it.

Fierce clashes were reported between the Afghan forces and the Taliban in the border areas.

Daily thousands of people cross the Pak-Afghan border Chaman for the purpose of trade. A large number of people from Chaman and surrounding villages go to Waish Mandi, a dust-blowing market of non-customs paid vehicles and other important goods for business every day. Recent clashes on the Afghan side of the border have severely affected trade activities.

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