Balochistan’s missing share in federal corporations/autonomous bodies


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Balochistan’s missing share in federal corporations/autonomous bodies

Mehfooz Ali Khan

In Pakistan, there are 255 State-Owned Public Enterprises covering the major economic sectors including banking and finance, industry, trade, communica­tions, water, power, oil and gas, mining, urban and regional development, and insurance. There are 3 departmental undertakings, 43 public corporations, 27 autonomous bodies, and 182 companies/projects where the government has majority ownership. On average Rs.1000-1200 billion are spent by these Corporations and State-Owned Enterprises annually. Except few, Balochistan province has no representation in these organizations.

Balochistan is missing in its board of directors 

In their Board of Directors, the absence of Balochistan is very conspicuous. Article 154(1) provides that “Council of Common Interest(CCI) shall formulate and Regulate Policies in relation to Part II of the Federal Legislative List and shall exercise supervision and control over related institutions”. Part II of the Federal Legislative List includes all authorities, bodies and corporations mentioned above. Since CCI has a representation of all four provinces, impliedly it means that all four provinces will not only have to say in control and management of these State-Owned Enterprises but will also have representation both at the Board level but also in employment in these corporations, authorities and bodies.

The number of employees is around 500,000 in these corporations 

The Ministry of Finance website shows that number of employees in these bodies is around 500,000 thousand, with negligible representation by Balochistan. This is a violation of the Constitution. Unfortunately, like other vital issues this also never got the attention of the ruling elite of Federal and Provincial governments. The major problem being faced by the province is the unemployment of youth. If the government pursues this constitutional right, more than 30,000 young boys and girls can be accommodated in these institutions besides getting representation at the Board level. Visionary leadership and a proactive approach is needed for getting constitutional rights in the best interest of the country and the province. A few of these Corporations and bodies are given below.

1. PSO: Pakistan State Oils.

2. PPL: Pakistan Petroleum Ltd.

3. OGDCL: Oil and Gas Development Corporation Ltd.

4. OGRA: Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority.

5. State Bank of Pakistan

6. National Bank of Pakistan

7. Agriculture Development Bank of Pakistan

8. NEPRA: National Energy and Power Regulatory Authority.

9. PEMRA: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority.

10. NTC: National Telecommunication Corporation

11. PMDC: Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation.

12. PIA

13. PNSC: Pakistan National Shipping Corporation.

14. Steel Mills.

15. PHF: Pakistan Housing Foundation.

16. NHA: National Highways Authority.

17. Pakistan Railways.

18. Port Qasim Authority.

19. Gwadar Port Authority.

20. CDA: Capital Development Authority.

21. PEPCO: Pakistan Electric Power Company.

22. WAPDA.

23. NADRA: National Data Base Registration Authority.

24. PTV.

25. Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation.

26. EPZA: Export Processing Zone Authority.

27. PSLI: Pakistan State Life Insurance Corporation.

28. NIC: National Insurance Corporation.

29. USC: Utility Stores Corporation

SMEDA: Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority.

30. PHA: Pakistan Housing Authority.

31. KSEW: Karachi Shipyard Engineering Works.

32. Pakistan machine Tool Factory.

33. Live stock and Dairy Development Board.

34. Overseas Employment Foundation.

35. NLC: National Logistic Cell.

36. Government Holdings Ltd.

37. PTDC: Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation.

38. NESPak: National Engineering Services, Pakistan.

39. Pakistan Science Foundation.

40. National Institute of Health.

State Cement Corporation of Pakistan, with 40 units working under it.

41. PIDC: Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation.

NFC: National Fertilizer Corporation (with affiliated units). Quite a few units are working under this umbrella.

42. SSGCL: Sui Southern Gas Company

43. SNGCL: Sui Northern Gas Company

GCP: Ghee Corporation of Pakistan (Affiliated Unit)

44. Attock Refinery Ltd.

45. CAA: Civil Aviation Authority.

46. Cotton Trading Corporation of Pakistan.

47. National Power Construction Corporation Ltd.

48. PACO: Pakistan Automobile Corporation.

PASCO: Pakistan Agriculture Storage & Services Corporation

49. TCP: Trading Corporation of Pakistan.

50. PTCL: Pakistan telecommunication Company Ltd.

51. PTA: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

52. Printing Corporation of Pakistan.

53. Saindak Metals Ltd.

54. Security papers Ltd.

55. State Engineering Corporation of Pakistan.

State Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Corporation Pakistan Ltd.

56. National tanker Company Ltd.

57. Heavy Mechanical Complex Ltd.

Wah Industries, with its allied units.

The writer is a former secretary of finance in Balochistan 

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