Ugly scenes inside Balochistan Assembly


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Ugly scenes inside Balochistan Assembly

Editorial :

People across the country in general and Balochistan, in particular, witnessed ugly scenes within the premises of the Balochistan Assembly on the eve of the budget session. Personal attacks, insults, and violence marred the session and harmed the sanctity of the house. The ugly scenes sent a dangerous message to the voters of the respective political parties.

In Balochistan, parliamentarians and politicians known for tolerance were quite literally at each other’s throats. Since its establishment in the 1970s, the treasury and opposition benches always try to work together, despite all political differences. Perhaps, this was for the first time in the history of the Balochistan Assembly that such a huge contingent of baton-wielding policemen was deployed to maintain the order.

None can support use of force 

None can support the use of force against the protesting opposition legislators. Similarly, throwing shoes at Chief Minister Jam Kamal and cabinet ministers were also a condemnable act. Violence and aggressive behavior in any form are not acceptable.

Legislators from the opposition blocked all gates of the assembly to halt the presentation of the budget for the financial year 2021-2022. Three legislators were injured when an armored vehicle of police hit one of the gates of assembly. The gate fell one the protesting legislators who sustained injuries.

The opposition’s job is to challenge the actions of the government. There had to be a robust debate in the house between opposition and treasury members rather than personal attacks and insults.

PSDP major bone of contention

The opposition has accused the government of ignoring its constituencies in the development budget and allocating funds for non-elected people. The government should also give some space to the opposition since it also represents around 40 percent population of the province.

If any opposition member is demanding something personal. The government should make it public. Otherwise, it (government) should include the opposition’s recommendations about their constituencies in the PSDP. The opposition should also avoid blocking roads/highways and closing gates of the assembly.

The government and opposition should demonstrate political wisdom and break the deadlock. Both parties should restrain volatile elements in their ranks and encourage sane voices, given the serious challenges Balochistan faces today.

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