Quetta woman gives birth to 5 babies
A woman gave birth to five children in Quetta's Kharotabad area. All children healthy, doctors said: Photo taken from social media

Quetta woman gives birth to 5 babies

Syed Ali Shah :

A woman in Quetta, Pakistan’s Southwestern city has given birth to five babies on Wednesday. Doctors said the babies were born without surgery and the mother was completely healthy.

“This is the blessing of Allah”, Wali Jan alias Toor Jan Achakzai, the father of the quintuplets said. Achakzai had married last year during a lockdown imposed by the government in the aftermath of the outbreak of COVID19.

Woman gave birth to three sons and two daughters 

The woman gave birth to three sons and two daughters in a private hospital in Kharotabad, a poor neighborhood of Quetta, the provincial capital of Balochistan. “I am very happy because after one year Allah gave me five healthy children”, Achakzai said.

Hospital announces free medical treatment to the woman and babies 

The hospital administration announced the provision of free medical treatment to the woman and babies. The hospital administration also distributed sweets among the people after the birth of quintuplets.

“The woman admitted to the hospital on Tuesday”, Manzoor Khan Kakar, the administrator of the hospital told Quetta Voice. He said the doctors made tireless efforts and better treatment birth of quintuplets without any surgery.

“They are in incubators”, Mr. Kakar said

The children are kept in the intensive care unit. “They are in incubators”, Mr. Kakar said. Except for one kid, all four children are healthy with better weight, he added.

Nonetheless, Wali Achakzai wants more children. Achakzai has ten brothers and five sisters. “Our society likes more brothers and sisters”, he concluded.

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