Officials seal 2 more Iranian financed schools in Southwest Pakistan
Officials sealing schools teaching Iranian syllabus in Quetta, Pakistan's Southwestern city: Photo Manan Khan

Officials seal 2 more Iranian financed schools in Southwest Pakistan

Syed Ali Shah, Manan Khan: 

Officials have sealed 2 more Iranian financed schools in Southwest Pakistan on Monday. The officials launched a crackdown against schools teaching Iranian curriculum in Quetta, the country’s Southwestern city.

“Schools were teaching Iranian syllabus”, Zohaib ul Haq, the Assistant Commissioner Quetta city told Quetta Voice. The authorities have already sealed six schools operating without registration and permission from the Balochistan education department.

“questionable materials” seized during the crackdown 

“We have also seized ‘questionable materials’ from these schools”, Mr. Haq informed. Portraits of Ayatollah Rohullah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and current Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei were also placed inside classrooms.

Schools sealed in Quetta’s Nasirabad area

The district administration of Quetta conducted a raid in Quetta’s Nasirabad area and sealed 2 more schools. “We have information about 10 such schools operating in Quetta”, Shabir Ahmed, the Director of the Balochistan Education Foundation (BEF) said.

He mentioned that the education department had rejected the registration request of six schools.

Khaliq Hazara endorses sealing schools 

Chairman Hazara Democratic Party (HDP), Abdul Khaliq Hazara has endorsed the sealing of schools teaching Iranian syllabus. “Will other countries allow us to teach Pakistan’s curriculum”, Mr. Hazara said.

He said if the schools operate like Pak-Turk schools under an agreement between the two countries, then, no objection. Khaliq Hazara stated that such schools have put the future of students at stake since the Pakistani educational institutions don’t give admission to them.

Lists of teachers and owners prepared 

Quetta administration has also launched a crackdown against such educational institutions teaching foreign curriculum. “We are going to take action against such schools in future also”, Zohaib ul Haq stated. The officials also prepared lists of owners and teachers of the sealed schools. All owners and teachers are Iranian nationals, Mr. Haq concluded.

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