Entry tests for medical colleges across Pakistan to begin from August 30th


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Entry tests for medical colleges across Pakistan to begin from August 30th

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The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) has announced the Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test (MDCAT) from August 30th to September 30th.

In a statement, the PMC said it has taken a number of decisions regarding the upcoming academic year, including National Licensing Examination (NLE), MDCAT, the conduct of examinations regulations, and the medical and dental undergraduate education. According to PMC President Dr Arshad Taqi, for the first time MDCAT would be entirely a computer-based exam, allowing both local and foreign students an opportunity to take the exam.

“The examination will take place from Aug 30 to Sept 30 2021 in 20 designated cities across Pakistan and in selected cities abroad depending on registration by the students. Applicants will have the option to schedule and reschedule their examinations to time slots that are more convenient for them. The applicants will also be provided online tutorials and practice tests to help them familiarise themselves with the format of the exam,” he said.

According to the statement, the Medical and Dental Council has approved the structure and syllabus for MDCAT as recommended by the National Medical and Dental Academic Board.

The syllabus/content formed by the academic board was mainly derived from the existing curriculum of biology, chemistry and physics of all boards across Pakistan.

It also took into consideration the curriculum of the A-Level structure.

The syllabus of all the disciplines and the breakdown of each subject are now available on the PMC website.

“The Academic Board recommended pass marks of 65pc for MDCAT 2021 which was approved by the Medical and Dental Council. The result of a student will be ready for delivery within half an hour after given the exam and will be provided to the student online. The students can select all the colleges they apply for admissions and the PMC will directly send the MDCAT result of the student to the relevant colleges,” Dr. Taqi said.

The council also unanimously approved the structure and syllabus for NLE as formulated and recommended by the academic board. The NLE consists of two exams with the first being an MCQ-based theory component and the second a clinical skills exam.

The MCQ-based theory component of Step 1 of the NLE will also be a computer-based examination to be conducted at multiple centers across Pakistan multiple times a year with no bar on the number of times a candidate can attempt.

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