File photo of human smuggler Muhammad Arif

FIA Balochistan arrests a human smuggler from Punjab

Manan Mandokhail :

For the first time, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Balochistan arrested a human smuggler from Punjab. Abdul Hameed Bhutto, the Director FIA Balochistan said human smuggler arrested from Sialkot city of Punjab.

The human smuggler had sent a father and son on the journey of Greece. The human smugglers had kidnapped the father and son and released them after receiving the ransom, Mr. Bhutto mentioned. The kidnappers had sent videos of the father and son and forced the family members to pay the ransom amount.

File Photo of illegal immigrants handed over by Iranian authorities to Pakistani officials at Pak-Iran border Taftan

FIA Balochistan interrogated victims after their return from the Turkish borderĀ 

When the victims returned from Turkey and Iran, FIA Balochistan anti-human trafficking officers Zubair Pichoho and Jawad Hussain thoroughly interrogated them. After investigation from the illegal immigrants, an FIA team dispatched to Punjab Sialkot that successfully picked up Muhammad Arif, a well-known human smuggler.

Initial investigation showed the accused Muhammad Arif had taken Rs. 3,40,000 from Muhammad Qadeer and his son in March 2020 for sending them to European countries, Jawad Hussain, an officer of the anti-human trafficking informed.

Father and son illegally reached Turkey using unfrequented routesĀ 

The father and son reached the Turkish border illegally using unfrequented routes of Iran and Turkey, he mentioned. However, armed men kidnapped them at the Turkish border and subjected them to the worst type of torture for many days.

The captors sent videos of torture to their family members forcing them to pay the ransom amount. The family paid Rs. 5 lakh to the captors for the release of father and son, Mr. Hussain informed. “This all happened because of poverty”, he said.

Apart from Pakistan, human smugglers are also active in Iran and Turkey deceiving the poverty-hit people. Every year, thousands of people make abortive attempts to reach European via Iran and Turkey. Very few fortunate reaches, however, the majority suffer the worst kinds of situations during the troubled journey.

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