Terrorism in Quetta


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Terrorism in Quetta

Editorial :

Terror attack at Quetta Serena Hotel serves as a grisly reminder that scourage of terrorism and violence still plague Balochistan, the country’s resource-rich province. The powerful blast that rocked the city claimed five precious human lives and injured around a dozen people.

Initial police investigation terms the blast a suicide attack. The suicide bomber parked the vehicle in the parking area of the luxury hotel. The explosives-laden vehicle exploded with a big bang causing panic among the citizens.

The Chinese delegation was not inside the hotel

Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan his excellency Mr. Nong Rong and his delegation members were not inside the hotel at the time of the explosion. Home Minister Balochistan, Ziaullah Langove visited the spot of the terror act and said, “the Chinese ambassador is here and meeting people as per the schedule”. These are encouraging words.

After months of calm, terror re-visited Quetta. The city has already suffered a lot because of bomb explosions, targeted killings, and kidnappings. The citizens were yet to recover from the trauma of past terrorist incidents when the terror strikes at the city’s only luxury hotel.

Still, a lot needs to be done to ensure durable  peace 

The attack underscores the reality that still a lot needs to be done to ensure durable peace in this geographically important province of the country before we claim victory. No doubt repeated intelligence-based operations (IBOs) vastly limited the capacity of terror groups to strike.

A few years back, bomb explosions and terror acts were the order of the day. Comparatively the law and order situation has improved after successful IBOs in Quetta and other parts of Balochistan.

Law-enforcement agencies must continue to stay vigilant and be proactive in dismantling terror groups with the support of the government, whose focus should be on addressing the key question of why young people become victims of radicalization.

Government, masses, and political parties should join hands 

The government and political parties should join hands to battle the menace of terrorism and extremism in the country. China is a time-tested friend of Pakistan. The two countries enjoy historic and cordial relations. China’s current development initiatives in Balochistan in general and Gwadar, in particular, are important for the development and prosperity of Pakistan and the region.

Terrorism in Quetta

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