Two women busy in paintings of national flag at the port city of Gwadar: Photo provided by Behram Baloch

Wall Art Competition in Gwadar in connection with Youm e Pakistan

Behram Baloch :

Wall Art Exhibition organized in Gwadar in connection with the fast-approaching Youm e Pakistan on Saturday. A large number of male and female students participated in the painting art exhibition.

“My painting is about peace”, Rabia Hanif, a female artist from Balochistan’s Panjgoor district said. Like Rabia, dozens of students were busy in paintings at Padi Zer near the Marine Drive at the Gwadar coast.

Painters highlighting the importance of Youm e Pakistan 

Mena Majeed, a leader of the ruling Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) had organized a painting and art exhibition to highlight the importance of Pakistan Day, peace, and education. “These two signs are about the waste of time”, Ehsan Rasheed, another man busy in painting said. He said his paintings highlight the importance of time.

Professional painters are also part of the exhibition competition. Artists from the Shaheena Shaheen Art Academy Turbat also participated in the event.

“Our aim is to sensitize youth about Pakistan Day”, Meena Majeed 

“Our main objective is to sensitize our youth about the importance of Pakistan Day”, Mena Majeed, the BAP leader said. She said the Gwadar district administration has also extended full support in encouraging the local artists to show their talent.

In Gwadar, all Mekran Sports Festival 2021 is also in full swing. Teams from all districts of the Mekran division are participating in the Festival organized regarding Pakistan Day. The Balochistan government has also planned various programs with regard to Youm e Pakistan in Quetta and other parts of the province.

Wall Art Competition in Gwadar in connection with Youm e Pakistan

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