Chamalang, the mountainous area houses rich coal reservoirs and hundreds of trucks loaded with coal move from the area to Punjab and other parts of the country. 
File Photo: Rescue workers retrieved all 7 dead bodies from coal mine in Tor Ghar area of Harnai district Balochistan: Photo provided by Hanif Tareen
Balochistan: 3 real brothers died in Harnai mine blast
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Balochistan: 3 real brothers died in Harnai mine blast

Ayub Tareen, Hanif Tareen 

Three real brothers were also among the seven victims who died in the Harnai coal mine blast. After 17 hours, a rescue operation completed in the Tor Ghar area of Harnai district on Tuesday.

“Three brothers also among the dead miners”, Sohail Anwar Hashmi, the Deputy Commissioner Harnai said. The hapless brothers belong to Afghanistan. They were identified as Abdul Sadiq, Abdul Hadi, and  Noor Muhammad.

All 7 dead bodies retrieved

“Rescue team retrieved all 7 dead bodies from the mine”, Mr. Hashmi informed. The dead bodies moved to Afghanistan and the Pishin district of Balochistan. This incident has come three days after six coal miners died in a similar incident in Harnai district.

Rescue workers and tribal people outside a coal mine in Tor Ghar area of Harnai Balochistan

Coal mines incidents claim over 50 lives this year 

In Balochistan, the number coal mine incidents increased this year. Sultan Muhammad Khan, the central leader of labour federation claimed over 50 coal miners died in the current year. “These are death holes not mines”, Mr. Khan lamented. 11 Hazara Shia coal miners are also among the victims this year. In 2020, coal mines incidents had claimed 208 lives in Quetta, Harnai, Dukki, Mach and other parts of Balochistan.

Hazardous working conditions claiming precious human lives 

Hazardous working conditions have claimed thousands of precious human lives inside coal mines of Balochistan, which houses rich-coal reservoirs. Almost with no safety, the miners enter into mines in the morning and extract coal for a whole day. Fortunate are those who come out alive in the evening. As per the 1923 mines act, the inspector of mines is bound to inspect the mine in the morning prior to the entry of miners. Similarly, children, minor boys, and women are not allowed to step inside the mine according to the act.

Balochistan: 3 real brothers died in Harnai mine blast

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