10b Tree Tsunami and Balochistan
A view of tree plantation site at Band Khushdil Khan district Pishin: Photo Quetta Voice

10b Tree Tsunami and Balochistan


The 10b Tree Tsunami Program is indeed a powerful initiative to mitigate the impacts of global warming in Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the five countries prone to the dangerous impacts of climate change and global warming.

Balochistan that covers half of the country in terms of area is also prone to the impacts of climate change including drought, floods, earthquakes, etc. However, the federal government has failed to keep Balochistan on its priority list when it comes to the 10b Tree Tsunami Program.

Addressing a press conference in Quetta, Malik Amin Aslam, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Climate Change informed that Balochistan would plant 10,000,00,00 trees by 2023.

Trees need to be planted in Balochistan as per area 

Since assuming charge of the office, this was his first visit of the SAPM to Balochistan. Anyhow, he deserves appreciation for meeting all stakeholders and listening to their concerns with patience.

When we say, half of the country, then, at least the government needs to plant 2 or 3 billion trees. Why only 10 crore trees? This is not a demand for monetary benefits or any subsidy. If trees are planted in Balochistan in an organized way, it will be having long-lasting impacts on the overall atmosphere of the country.

Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan led government has to approach and formally request the federal government to enhance the province’s share in tree plantation. A task force comprising elected representatives, senior government officers, and environmentalists should be formed to ensure better implementation of PM’s 10b Tsunami Program.

Taraqee Foundation (TF), a non-governmental organization deserves appreciation for making hue and cry about the plantation campaign. Although, track-record shows, the campaigns remained confined to mere high government offices.

The campaign needs to go beyond offices 

The campaign needs to go beyond government offices. It should go to the villages, mountains, valleys, and deserts of Balochistan. The TF has planted around 30,000 trees in Band Khushdil Khan district Pishin. However, the authorities are yet to address the question of the sustainability of these trees.

The Balochistan government should make a formal demand to the federal government for the province’s just share in the 10b Tsunami program. It should also evolve a mechanism to ensure transparent use of funds in this regard.

10b Tree Tsunami and Balochistan

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