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Matric exam 2021: Need of reforms in BBISE

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Every student’s future can be determined by examination results. The purpose of examinations is to test the knowledge, understanding, and learning of students. For higher education admissions and scholarships, the score of students comes first.

Especially, matric and FSc results play a crucial role in the future of students for admission in higher educational institutions, scholarships, and gaining jobs. However, successive governments have failed to bring reforms in the examination system.

Matriculation examinations also a barrier 

Matriculation examinations are also a barrier that causes many students to drop out of school before reaching 10th grade: if you do not think you will pass, why stay in school? Almost all of these consequences are undesirable.

The Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BBISE) has failed to reform the examination system. Parents and students remained skeptical about the transparency in terms of marks and grades.

1,26,000 students to apear in matric exam 2021

In Balochistan, 1,26,000 students would appear in annual matric examination 2021. The BBISE needs to evolve a mechnism to stop the curse of cheating and ensure transparency.

It is an open secret that influential parents succeed in providing uninterrupted cheating to their sons and daughters. No matter, whether you work hard or not. The most important problem is to have a good connection within the BBISE. Similarly, influential teachers also get posted in key examinations centers. A criteria needs to be fixed for posting of examination center heads and other staff.

This practice has disappointed students 

This practice has disappointed students from marginalized and down-trodden classes to compete and get the required numbers. Over-night, students succeed in-migration from Quetta to remote districts of Balochistan to ensure better scores in matric and FSc examinations.

Subsequently, students from elite class manage to get admissions in prestigious educational institutions, medical colleges on the basis of their marks. However, students from marginalized families either quit the education or battle for gaining a clerical job.

Very few manage to get clerical or lower jobs as most of them fail in this regard. Jobs are also in the hands of powerful segments of society.

Some students proved to be a source of embarrassment for BBISE 

Some influential students who managed to get high marks also proved to a source of embarrassment for the BBISE as they failed to pass very simple tests.

It is an irony of fate that only influential officers get posted as chairman, controller of BBISE. They pay back to their masters in terms of high numbers for their sons and daughters. The passing percentage remains high in all annual results. The curse of cheating is also rampant in Balochistan lagging behind other provinces in terms of education.

To be very precise, the Jam Kamal Khan led provincial government needs to bring reforms in the BBISE and launch an effective campaign against the curse of cheating.

Matric exam 2021: Need of reforms in BBISE

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