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ECP dismays over PM’s statement regarding Senate election

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ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan on Friday dismayed over the statement of Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding the recently held Senate elections. The ECP’s response has come a day after the PM said, “ECP also allowed ‘foul play’ in the election for the upper house.

“It is a shocking matter that under the same staff in the same [election] under the same roof on the same day, [what they won] is acceptable and [what they lost] is unacceptable. Is this not an open contradiction?” the commission questioned, adding: “The ECP rejects this.”

The premier stated that the secret ballot harmed democracy and promoted corruption.

In its statement, the ECP said: “This is democracy and free elections and the beauty of free elections which the entire nation saw and which is mandated by the Constitution.”

Every political party and politician should have the courage to accept defeat, it said.

The electoral body said that if someone disagreed with the ECP’s results, they should come forward with evidence.

“If we can listen to your recommendations, why can’t we listen to your complaints? Do not sling mud at us. Have some consideration.”

The ECP said the Senate elections were held according to the law and the Constitution and were conducted in a “good way”. It said the statements and discussions that had come to the electoral body through media reports were “saddening”, especially statements made by “some members of the federal cabinet and specifically what the prime minister said in his address yesterday”.

ECP dismays over PM’s statement regarding Senate election

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