PTI candidate Zahoor Agha withdraws in support of BAP in Balochistan
File photo of Syed Zahoor Agha, the PTI candidate who withdrew in support of BAP: Photo taken from his Twitter account

PTI candidate Zahoor Agha withdraws in support of BAP in Balochistan

Staff Reporter :

Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf (PTI) senate candidate, Syed Zahoor Agha has withdrawn his nomination papers in the support of the Balochistan Awami Party (BAP). “I have withdrawn in support of BAP on the instructions of party leaders”, Zahoor Agha, the PTI candidate told Quetta Voice.

The ruling PTI had nominated Syed Zahoor Agha for the general seat of Senate from Balochistan. The party had reversed its decision about the nomination of Abdul Qadir as its candidate for Senate from Balochistan earlier and nominated Mr. Agha.

“I am bound to follow the party line”, Zahoor Agha 

“Prime Minister Imran Khan nominated earlier and asked me to withdraw now”, Mr. Agha said. He said, “I am bound to follow the party line”.

Criticism over the party’s high command from PTI Balochistan forced the party to withdraw the name of Abdul Qadir. However, Abdul Qadir managed to get the ticket from the BAP.

PTI Balochistan chief, Sardar Yar Muhammad Rind had also expressed serious reservations about the distribution of tickets in the province. Sardar Rind had complained, “I being cabinet member neither consulted by the chief minister Jam Kamal nor the PM Imran Khan has five minutes to listen to me”.

CM Jam Kamal had proposed a joint parliamentary board 

The statement of Sardar Rind prompted CM Jam Kamal to propose a joint parliamentary board of PTI and BAP to avoid wasting of senate vote. The PTI candidate has withdrawn his support in the support of BAP candidate in the presence of his party’s high command, Liaquat Shahwani, the Spokesman government of Balochistan said.

“We are thankful to PTI and Syed Zahoor Agha for their support”, Mr. Shahwani stated.

PTI candidate Zahoor Agha withdraws in support of BAP in Balochistan

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