My next target is Asif Zardari: PM Imran Khan
PM Imran Khan speaking a conference in Colombo Sri Lanka: Photo grabbed from TV screen

PM calls for solution of issues through dialogue in subcontinent

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COLOMBO: Prime Minister, Imran Khan on Wednesday called for a solution to issues through dialogue in the subcontinent. Speaking at the Pakistan-Sri Lanka Trade and Investment Conference in Colombo, aimed at promoting trade and investment between the two countries, he said, “sense will prevail”.

“Immediately when I came into power, I approached our neighbor India and explained to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the way forward for the subcontinent is to resolve our differences through dialogue.

“I didn’t succeed but I am optimistic that eventually, sense will prevail. The only way the subcontinent can tackle poverty is by improving trade relations. Let us live like civilized neighbors as the Europeans live.”

“Germany and France have fought multiple times, but today it is unthinkable for them to have a conflict because they are so interlinked due to trade. Similarly, my dream for the subcontinent is that we resolve our differences,” he said, adding that the Kashmir issue was the only conflict in the region.

“All we want is for the Kashmir dispute to be resolved according to the United Nations Security Council resolutions and this can only be achieved through dialogue.”

The prime minister said that a conflict between two nations only breeds more conflict. “We need to resolve our differences through dialogue and not through conflict. Imagine the potential for trade within the subcontinent,” he said, adding that the only thing stopping the region from realizing this potential was the inability to resolve differences through dialogue.

He expressed the hope that Pakistan could also play its part in reducing rising tensions between the United States and China. “We would much rather be a country that brings other nations and humanity together,” he said.

PM calls for solution of issues through dialogue in subcontinent

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