Ahmed Mujtaba of Quetta beats Indian fighter Rahul in Martial Arts

Ahmed Mujtaba of Quetta beats Indian fighter Rahul in Martial Arts

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Quetta’s Ahmed Mujtaba defeated Indian fighter Rahul Raju during Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) match. 28 years old Mujtaba commonly known as “Wolverine” knocked out the Indian player Rahul Raju within 56 seconds during the match.

It was his third win on the global stage and his overall record now stands at 10 victories and two defeats. He won the match in a very short span of time.  “My success is for the oppressed Kashmiris“, Ahmed said in a video message after the victory.

Ahmed’s strong kicks and punches brought Rahul under pressure

Ahmed Mujtaba started the match with confidence and kept the opponent under pressure with strong kicks and punches. After bowing his head to save himself from a blow from the Indian player, the Pakistani player struck Rahul Raju in the face in the next moment and he fell down.

“I would keep continuing to struggle to for the country and nation”, Ahmed mentioned in the video message.

Meanwhile, the referee intervened and stopped the match in the 56th second and declared the victory of Ahmed Mujtaba.
With this glorious victory, Ahmed Mujtaba also improved his career record to 2-10. Traditional rivals Pakistan and India competed in the global mixed martial arts competition in November 2019 in which Indian player Rahul Raju defeated Pakistani Furqan Cheema.

Ahmed started participating in international competitions in 2013

Ahmed Mujtaba, from Quetta, started participating in international competitions in 2013. He made a name for himself in the world of mixed martial arts by remaining unbeaten in the first seven competitions and the first four years.

The news of the victory of Ahmed Mujtaba went viral in Quetta and other parts of the country. People congratulated the Quetta-based player and expressed the hope that he would play his role in the future as well.

Ahmed Mujtaba of Quetta beats Indian fighter Rahul in Martial Arts

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