Khadi Kabab Quetta stuffed lamb that develops a hunger
Khadi Kabab stuffed lamb that develops hunger: Photo Quetta Voice

Khadi Kabab Quetta stuffed lamb that develops a hunger

Dr. Irfanullah Khan Tareen :

Khadi Kabab is one of the most famous dishes of Quetta and other parts of Balochistan. The barbecue mutton is smoked and cooked on the ashes of woods with traditional spices.

“The whole goat or lamb is cooked through the wood fire so that the taste remains natural and delicious”, Abdul Qadir, the owner of the restaurant said. The demand for the Khadi Kabab increases during harsh chilly weather in Quetta.

“People order whole goat or lamb especially when there is snowfall or rainfall”, Qadir who has been doing this job for the last 25 years mentioned.

Locals like Dunba (lamb) and people from the rest of the country like goat 

“Locals like dunba, whereas, people from Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad prefer goat”, he said. The goat is slaughtered and then technically divided into large pieces. Then special spices are used on the kabab to develop its taste. “Then the goat or lamb is kept for 2 to 3 hours so that the mutton could absorb spices”, he added.

Ginger, garlic, red pepper kept in a bucket

Ginger, garlic, and red pepper are kept in the bucket. It is then mixed with water and applied to the meat. “Then we put rice in the stomach of the goat and cashew nuts in the rice and if someone orders biryani spices we also arrange that”, he said.

First, they put wood in Tandoor (mud-oven) and burn it for one and one and half hours and wood becomes coal. Then smoke disappears and then we put meat inside the Tandoor. So that the flesh does not spoil.

Malang Bagh was initially the place for Khadi Kabab 

Around three decades ago, Khadi Kabab started in the Malang Bagh area, located on the Western outskirt of Quetta. People used to go for picnics to enjoy this special dish at an orchard with flowing water. Qadir also belongs to Malang’s family that introduced this dish in Quetta.

With the growing population and demise of Malang, his siblings shifted to various commercial areas of the city and continued this family business. Organic goat and lamb born in various parts of Southern Afghanistan in mountains are preferably brought here. They are famous for their natural taste.

The author is a well-known dermatologist based in Quetta. He can be contacted at

Khadi Kabab Quetta stuffed lamb that develops a hunger

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