University of Balochistan: tales from the past


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University of Balochistan: tales from the past

Amjad Rashid 

I am writing these lines with mixed feelings of accomplishment and unfulfilled objectives. The tale dates back to the mid-’80s from the University of Balochistan. The University full of life, music, Drama, friendship, and dreams of youth to reach the heights of success.

The university produced leaders like Dr. Malik Baloch, Usman Kakar, Waheed Baloch, Hamid Shakil. Famous scientists like Dr. Akhter Muhammad Kasi, Dr. Abdul Haq Achakzai, Dr. Abdul Nabi, Dr. Abdullah, and many more.

UoB served as a hub of political activities 

The same institution was also a hub of political activities and almost every student and teacher was engaged in some political education and activity. On the other hand, it was and still, had been unable to deliver good quality education despite having many world-class teachers mentioned above.

I will write about the delivery of poor education in the university in my next written expression.

However, the tale continues and from the same university, many emerged as political leaders and reach the top political positions like Chief Minister, Speaker of the provincial assembly, ministers, senators, some joined bureaucracy and served as secretaries and still serving the province.

Some joined other professions like journalism, agriculture, medical, etc. I was among those who chose the path to be in the social sector and contribute to alleviating poverty from our province.
All of us enjoyed respect, repute, and recognition by serving our society.

University produced world-famed artists, writers, and performers 

However, the most effective and vibrant group was the people who were emotionally and culturally intelligent and smarter than all of us were the poets, writers, artists, and performers. They were the ones who served, preserved, and promoted the true culture, history, and our soft power at all levels from local to international levels.

Legends like Atta Shad( Ghalib of Balochistan), Faiz Baloch( though not a graduate but he was a professor to me) Ayub Khoso, Abdullah Jan Ghaznavi, Qadir Baloch, and many more.

These heroes and artists not only promoted our culture and history at various levels but also mobilized youth towards the right path. Unfortunately, these heroes were never recognized and respected by our pseudo elite.

Lip service paid to the contribution of artists

Only lip service was paid to their contribution on certain occasions. We can watch many diplomats demonstrating their fantastic service abroad as Ambassadors by talking about their achievements beyond our comprehension.

On the other hand, the role Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Faiz Baloch, Akhter Chanal played was the real promotion of Pakistan and Pakistaniat in the world. I witness today that these heroes are living miserable lives both financially and socially.

They deserve real recognition and rewards not like one shield and award on national days, but proper support through institutions where they must continue their struggle and noble work of promoting art and culture.

Greece was known for the culture of dialogue and promotion of democracy 

Only science, technology, and wealth are not known as progress. Greece is not known because of its technological advancement but because of its culture of dialogue and promotion of democracy through dialogue, art, and culture.

There was no Stephen Hawking’s, but Aristotle who was leading Athens. Confucius was the one who through his philosophy and teachings created society. Buddha was a poet-artist and mentor to lead the society.

We have all our heroes but we are failed to give them their due recognition. I wish if we may celebrate the coming 23rd March by paying tribute to all our artists, poets, and writers and making some commitment to give them their due recognition and where we should not say with shame.

“وہ عشق جو ہم سے روٹھ گیا”

“اب اس کا حال بتا عین کیا”

University of Balochistan: tales from the past

The author is chief of the Taraqee Foundation. He can be contacted at @amjadrshdyahoo1 on Twitter  

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