Fake domiciles: 2745 certificates not verified in 4 division of Balochistan

Fake domiciles: 2745 certificates not verified in 4 division of Balochistan

Matiullah Khan :

The deputy commissioners serving in four divisions of Balochistan have not verified 2,745 domiciles. The divisions include Rakhshan, Kalat, Sibi, and Naseerabad, a report submitted to the Balochistan High Court (BHC) revealed.

As per the report, the deputy commissioners conducted scrutiny of a total of 5, 534 domicile certificates on the directives of the BHC bench. The commissioners submitted the list of the domicile certificates to the court.

Commissioners of 3 divisions are yet to submit  reports 

Commissioners of the three divisions are yet to submit reports about fake domicile certificates. “Some commissioners and deputy commissioners are deliberately practicing delaying tactics”, Sajid Tareen Advocate, who has been pursuing the case told Quetta Voice.

The court has again directed the remaining divisional commissioners to submit a report about fake domicile certificates in the next hearing.

In the Sibi division, the deputy commissioners conducted verification of 1,185 domicile certifications. Out of 1,185, only 391 domiciles found authentic. However, 737 domicile certificates can not be verified, the report said.

Governor Balochistan, Justice (R) Amanullah Yaseenzai, and Chief Minister Jam Kamal had also directed the commissioners to conduct verification of the domicile certificates.

Scores of people got jobs in federal departments through fake certificates 

“A large number of people on fake domiciles have got appointments on fake domiciles in federal departments”, Sajid Tareen claimed. He said the court has also directed the government to conduct an inquiry into federal appointments.

In the Naseerabad division, the DCs conducted scrutiny of 2045 domicile certificates. 892 certificates verified and 2 declared fake. However, 1151 domicile holders failed to appear before the committee despite repeated notices, the report mentioned.

Rakhshan division: scrutiny of 116 certificates conducted. 51 certificates verified. However, 65 domicile certificates cannot be verified.

Kalat division: verification of 1796 domicile certificates completed. The DCs verified 1097 certificates. However, 619 domicile certificates cannot be verified by the committees led by DCs.

Deputy commissioners Mastung, Quetta, Musakhail have already declared hundreds of domiciles fake during the verification process.

Fake domiciles: 2745 certificates not verified in 4 division of Balochistan

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