Chaman: Around 200 Heroin Addicts on hunger strike


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Chaman: Around 200 Heroin Addicts on hunger strike

Syed Sardar Muhammad Khondai :

Around 200 heroin addicts have started a hunger strike in Chaman, Pakistan’s bordering city with Afghanistan. The addicts have been observing hunger strike for the last four days as a protest over the non-availability of food and medicines in a rehabilitation located in the bordering city.

“I cannot feed and treat all these addicts”, Lala Khan, the Chief of the drug rehabilitation center said. On his own, Mr. Khan has established a rehabilitation center for heroin addicts in Chaman.

“No food, no medicine inside the center”, addicts complained

The addicts complained neither food nor medicines available inside the rehabilitation center. “There is nothing to eat”, Jamil Ahmed, a middle-aged drug addict laments. Like Ahmed, dozens of heroin addicts were lying beds observing hunger strike.

The protesting addicts have demanded of the government to provide food and medicines to the rehabilitation center. “Where can I go? I want treatment”, Muhammad Akram, another skinny-thinny addict said.

Lala Khan claimed to have sold out all his properties to run this center. “What I had, I sold out”, Mr. Khan who was also observing the hunger strike said.

Curse of narcotics destroyed lives of youngsters 

The curse of narcotics has destroyed society in the general and the young generation in special. The curse of heroin introduced in the aftermath of the Afghan war has destroyed the lives of thousands of youth in Quetta and other parts of Balochistan and Pakistan.

“There is no treatment on the part of the government”, Muhammad Akram, who was half-lying complained. He said the treatment was best earlier but now they are starving.

Drugs worth trillion seized 

The anti-narcotics agencies claimed to have busted drug smugglers gangs and recovered narcotics worth trillions of rupees. But every day, youth are falling prey to the curse of narcotics because of the easy availability of narcotics in the country.

“Addicts from across the country are coming here”, Lala Khan said. He demanded of the government and political parties to come forward and support him in his struggle against drug eradication. “On my own, I was running this center for last 13 months”, Mr. Khan said.

Most of the narcotics are being smuggled from the Helmand province of Afghanistan into Pakistan. The drug smugglers use unfrequented routes at the border to enter Pakistan.

Quetta Voice repeatedly tried to speak to officials in Chaman about the hunger strike but they (officials) preferred not to comment.

Chaman: Around 200 Heroin Addicts on hunger strike

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