GPP plays an important role in improving governance in Balochistan

Issue of governance in Balochistan 

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Bad governance has always been the main obstacle in the way of a developed and prosperous Balochistan. Meager resources coupled with a lack of transparency in utilization of funds further complicate the endeavor for a prosperous Balochistan.

The issue of bad governance also echoed during the proceedings of a constitutional petition in the Balochistan High Court (BHC). A division bench of the BHC comprising Mr. Justice Kamran Khan Malakhail and Mr. Justice Rozi Khan Bareech dismayed over the performance of the chief civilian officer of Balochistan.

The bench remarked that the poor performance of the Chief Secretary Balochistan, Captain (R) Fazeel Asghar shattered and deteriorated the governance in the province. This is perhaps for the first time that the court has passed such harsh remarks against a CS.

Bench shows displeasure over violation of building code in Quetta 

The bench has also shown displeasure over violation of building code in Quetta city, the issue of traffic jam, and a number of other issues. The English colonial rulers had introduced a specific building code in 1937 after the deadliest earthquake of 1935.

The city razed to the ground within 30 seconds. The main reason behind the building code was to avoid human loss in the case of another earthquake.

For some time, the governments ensured the implementation of the building code. However, that is no more the case now. Currently, over 300 buildings constructed in Quetta city in clear violation of the building code. The bench also directed the concerned quarters to ensure the implementation of the building code in Quetta.

All roads lead toward governance

When we discuss all these issues. All roads lead towards governance. Only good governance can ensure the implementation of orders passed by honorable courts. The question arises that why the bench lost its confidence in the administrative civilian set up and passed such harsh remarks.

Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan has repeatedly spoken about ensuring good governance in the province. Although, positive strides made in some areas. However, his words are yet to be translated into action when it comes to ensuring good governance in the province.

The province has great potential and resources to play role in the development and prosperity of entire country. Nonetheless, it is still lagging behind other provinces in terms of key social indicators.

Political committment combined with political vision can bring Balochistan out of the prevailing governance crisis. Only then, the province can come at par with other developed parts of the country. The ruling coaltion needs to review its strategy and ensure good governance to address the issue of law and order, poverty, unemployement and development.

Issue of governance in Balochistan 

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