Quetta: Recalling old memories


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Quetta: Recalling old memories

Amjad Rasheed 

Our Quetta” is calling for the restoration of its real character, culture, harmony, and tradition! Dear Quettaties! come forward, join hands and restore the city in its original shape of the 40s.

Share your life, views, experiences about the city, its value, pictures. To me, Quetta is like the Athens of Greece, where we have our Plato’s, Aristotle’s, and guides like Thucydides. Unfortunately, the cosmopolitism of Quetta is affected/ infected by the lust of opportunism and greed.

The revival of the city of Quetta, from seven cinemas to Qulfi Wala, to latkhana, to Malibagh, to old teachers of dignity to the shining character of shining individuals are calling us for the revival of the lost spirit of Quetta.

One magistrate was enough to maintain order in Quetta 

A city where one magistrate was enough for rule of law, where citizens were living like a family. Where the youth was guided and linked with the experienced generation, where festive was not n the basis of ethnicity, money, and class. The University of Balochistan was the source of knowledge.

Where there was no restriction between cantonment and city, where life was like a song and reflecting of Roomi. Where there were no ethnic, linguistic, tribal, sectarian, religious, and class differences.  The famous Sardar Khair Mohd Tajik used to control the price hike. Now the whole administration appears to be helpless before hoarders. The well-known Hwaldar Irshad was enough to control crime.

Bring back the beauty of the city

It was in my view a time of Quetta’s enlightenment. We can still bring back this culture provided if we can organize three-generation of the 70s to date. I hope we can do that till we have, the University of Balochistan, civil hospital, Ghazi cinema, Mali Bagh, and above all Islamia high School, technical High School, Taameer e Nou High School, Sandeman, and Muslim Bagh high School, and Kandahari Masjid. We need to map out and promote our golden culture of Quetta. I request All Quettaties to unite and save Quetta. It’s our duty, role, and future. کوئٹہ جنت کا ٹکڑا

Quetta: Recalling old memories

The author is a development expert and heads Taraqee Foundation 

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