Fear of 1000 girls schools closure in Balochistan


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Fear of 1000 girls schools closure in Balochistan

Editorial :

In Balochistan, the Sword of Damocles is hanging over the fate of around 1,000 girls’ schools. The provincial government has refused to pay the salaries of the female teachers recruited on a contract basis.

During 2015, around 1,400 female and 100 male teachers recruited on three-years contracts by the education department. The newly recruited teachers deployed at all 725 girls primary schools, 25 high schools, and 95 girls middle schools in Balochistan.

The schools constructed under the Global Partnership for Education in Balochistan. Overall, 100 million US dollars spent on the establishment of girls’ schools in Sindh and Balochistan. In Sindh 66 million dollars spent on the construction of schools, whereas in Balochistan, 36 million dollars spent on the project to promote girls’ education.

For three years, the teachers got their salaries through the project till 2018. The Balochistan government paid the salaries for some time. However, it has stopped payment of salaries to teaches recruited by the secondary education department through National Testing Service (NTS).

Female teachers protesting against non-payment of salaries

For last more than a week, dozens of female teachers have been protesting outside the Quetta Press Club to press the authorities to accept their demands. Perhaps, their slogans and demands are falling on deaf ears. In chilly weather, the female teaches portray placards and banners demanding of the government to pay them salaries.

A well-placed officer in the education department told this daily that under the agreement, the provincial government was bound to pay salaries to the teachers and issue them permanent orders. This is unlike other development projects whose employees have been a source of a burden on the government rather it was all about education and especially female education.

There is already a dearth of female teachers in Balochistan. The appointment of 1,400 female teachers was the right step in the right direction since throughout the world female teachers have been teaching kids at the primary level. Studies show female teachers are the best for early childhood education. Balochistan government had earlier announced to pay a stipend to girls students to boost the female literacy rate. 

40 % of children out of schools in Balochistan 

Education Department statistics published by this daily reveals that still, 40% of children are out of schools in Balochistan. Most of them are girls. The government must take notice of the protest by the female teachers and release their salaries. Only then, literacy can be improved and especially female literacy can be boosted.

Fear of 1000 girls schools closure in Balochistan

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