PDM Chief himself is ‘selected’: Claims Maulana Sherani


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PDM Chief himself is ‘selected’: Claims Maulana Sherani

Abdul Rehman:

The former Balochistan Amir of Jamiat ul Ulema e Islam (JUI F), Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani has claimed that the Chief of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) was also ‘selected’.

Without naming the PDM Chief Maulana Fazal ur Rehman, the JUI F idealogue said the anti-government alliance chief and allies were advancing their personal agenda instead of country and nation. Maulana Sherani who was considered to be the kingmaker in Balochistan in the past spoke at length against his own party leadership in Balochistan’s Loralai the other day.

Sherani’s remarks sparked an intense political debate 

Sherani’s remarks against the JUI F chief has sparked a hot debate in the political circles of the province. However, the JUI F is yet to issue a formal reaction to Maulana Sherani’s statement.

“They call Imran Khan as ‘selected’ and deceiving the masses”, Maulana Sherani said. He said the 11-party alliance PDM and government both were backed by the establishment. Opposition parties are advancing an agenda to get their personal objectives achieved, the soft-spoken Maulana added.

Maulana Sherani had already contested against JUI F Chief during intra-party elections 

Maulana Sherani had opposed the JUI F chief during the intra-party elections in the past and contested elections against the latter. However, Maulana Sherani suffered a major blow when his close aide Maulana Wasey the serving Member National Assembly (MNA) from JUI F won the elections of Amir of the party Balochistan against Sherani. This appeared to be a major blow to Maulana Sherani.

However, recent statements of Hafiz Hussain Ahmed, the vocal JUI F leader, and Maulana Sherani seemed to be an internal rift within the party that has been leading the anti-government alliance.

Maulana Sherani and Hafiz Hussain Ahmed remained MNAs and Senators on the ticket of JUI F from Balochistan in the past. Both were among the top leadership of the religious party that had been part of coalition governments in Balochistan.

PDM Chief himself is ‘selected’: Claims Maulana Sherani

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