PIA has 14500 employees for 29 aircrafts: Documents reveal

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The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has 14,500 employees for its fleet of 29 planes. The federal government has decided to reduce the number of employees to 7,500 to 8,000 to reduce the financial burden of PIA.

The PIA revealed this in its report submitted to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Comparatively, Turkish airline has 31,000 for its 329 aircraft. According to the report, excess manpower has been of great concern for the PIA management. The excess workforce with little work to perform continuously engaged themselves in disruptive activities that negatively impacted other employees’ productivity, the management claimed, pointing out that many workers were doing little or no work with the result that others working hard also got de-motivated.

Keeping it in mind, the PIA report said, it was critically important to right-size the workforce and with the approval of federal government, PIA management offe­red VSS to employees on Dec 7, by offering them one-time payment (the VSS process is likely to be concluded within two months).

The Supreme Court was informed that the PIA management had planned to bifurcate its employees into two categories, core and non-core businesses. The PIA had not been able to perform well in its core business so the non-core businesses had been suffering more gravely. Hence, instead of operating as small profit units, they were hemorrhaging costs and heavy losses, further becoming a big liability for the parent company itself, the report stated.

PIA has 14500 employees for 29 aircrafts: Documents reveal

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